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Meaning: n. - To irritate, annoy, or provoke. To sting as a nettle does.
Won't You Come Over
Devendra Banhart
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I have remembered something from last night which I didn’t think to share earlier but whatever.

Last night I drove Putty Road through the pitch-dark night.

For those who don’t know, it is a super windy road which I think crosses/goes through the Great Dividing Range so it has some super steep parts too (because, you know, mountains)

But that’s besides the point.

Because my bum was getting sore I decided to to take a little stop at this grassy area next to those emergency phones and have a walk, and boy was that the best thing ever. The sky was so freaking starry. Like, we have lots of stars at home because we are sorta far away from Sydney but seriously, in comparison just wow.

Like it was so much harder to pick out the Southern Cross because of the amount of stars surrounding it. I really didn’t want to leave. It was as though someone decided to sew thousands and thousands of little diamantes to a great big black velvet cloak. Wow. 

Anyway, the point is our universe is amazing and you should go look at the stars.